Why Sweepstakes Casinos Are so Popular in New York

If the casino industry consisted solely of a handful of traditional games, it wouldn’t have anywhere near the popularity it currently enjoys. One of the main reasons the industry continues to expand is that it is fearlessly expanding into fresh gaming areas. While sweepstakes casinos predate the internet, the audience it has been able to appeal to has grown significantly as smartphones and their usage exploded throughout the noughties and the 2010s. Sweepstakes casinos have found casino fans worldwide and have generated considerable popularity.


What Makes Sweepstakes Casinos so Popular?


Alongside several other cities and territories, New York has long had a stern approach to gambling, and when compared to other states like Nevada, gambling in New York faced an outright ban for many years. New York State prohibited its citizens from placing any sports bet or playing any casino game. However, sweepstakes casinos in New York are on hand to service this market, providing casino games for people who don’t need to gamble using their own money.


Sweepstakes casinos use a variety of tokens, whether they’re in-game currencies or gold coins. Gamers can enjoy casino games like slots and poker without worrying about losing money. While you should never gamble with money you can’t afford to lose, gambling and not losing any money at all has proved to be a better option for millions, and this goes a long way in explaining what makes sweepstakes casinos so popular. Given that New York is one of the most populated states in America, with fairly restrictive casino laws, both industries have combined successfully.

Sweepstakes Casinos Are Perfectly Legal


The fact you don’t have to use any of your money to play the games, and you can enjoy the games purely for what they are without spending any money, means they fall beyond the scope of gambling laws and legislation, and are mainly free to use. For instance, there are only three states in America where you cannot play at a sweepstakes casino, meaning that hundreds of millions do have access.


Although gambling legislation is becoming more favorable in America, depending on the type of game you play, you need to check legislation. Some states are also more lenient with certain games, so it’s always best to double-check. Although states such as Nevada allow a broad range of gambling games, they benefit immensely from the tourism and tax income it brings, in equal measure.

Nevada is one of the top tourist destinations in North America, alongside San Diego, San Francisco, and Montreal. Not only is Montreal considered one of the premier tourist destinations, but it ranks as one of the best cities to live in in the world. So, while it might not have the iconic skyline of New York, it more than makes up for it in other ways. If you want to play sweepstakes casinos though, Montreal takes the same approach as New York. Sweepstakes casinos are a perfect antidote for states that are less rigid with the legality of casino gaming.



Most Sweepstakes Casinos Give a Sign-Up Bonus


While sweepstakes casinos don’t allow you to play with real money, that’s not to say that you can’t win prizes. Sweepstakes casinos must be a viable business operation, so many have looked outward to see how they can sustain their business model. The vast majority use on-site advertising, which helps to maintain their casinos.


However, a sign-up bonus at a sweepstakes casino can encourage you to join instead of playing at a traditional casino. These sign-up bonuses range from the potential to enter a prize draw for cash or an item to simply more games to unlock on the site – it depends entirely on the operator you choose. Sign-up bonuses are a proven way to get people on board, regardless of the business you own.


Sweepstakes Casinos Do Not Use Real Money

Even if you gamble at a traditional casino, you must always set suitable deposit limits and manage your time correctly. When gambling in a sweepstakes casino, you don’t have to concern yourself too much with this problem. While it’s not a good idea to just sit and play at a sweepstakes casino all day because there’s no possibility of severe monetary loss like at a traditional casino, the stakes are much lower, so you can be more flexible with your time.

Sweepstakes Casinos Give Free Sweeps Coins by Mail

Sweepstakes casinos might send you some free coins by mail. Although technically most of these coins are free anyway, as we discussed earlier, particular types of sweepstakes casino coins can lead to prizes on the site. These can act as an incentive for people to play, as even though you don’t have to stake any money, the possibility of unlocking a prize as you play is something that few people would turn down.


Sweepstakes casinos offer these coins in a bid to attract more people to the site. When the competition is traditional online casinos, some of which have enormous jackpots, sweepstakes casinos sometimes need to think outside the box too. While it can be fun to play sweepstakes and not have to concern yourself with losing money, if you can add on the potential of a prize with specialist coins, and receive these free coins by email, this results in an additional layer of entertainment.

Gold Coins Allow Practice – Without Risking Real Cash


There’s already so much in our lives that costs a lot of money, and we have to watch our budget when we take a trip down to the local store or book a vacation. Being able to enjoy your favorite casino games without putting any money down is an attractive proposition. Although it can be fun to play with real cash, there’s an added emphasis on managing your finances correctly.


You don’t have to concern yourself when playing at a sweepstakes casino with in-game tokens such as gold coins. Although some casino purists believe the whole purpose of playing a casino game is to place a wager, sweepstakes casino fans know they can enjoy the game without the anxiety of losing funds.


Refining your poker skills by playing at a sweepstakes casino or learning the specifics of other games, such as blackjack, is one of the most significant selling points. If you can avoid spending money while doing so, then this is understandably a big selling point. This continues to fuel the popularity of sweepstakes casinos in prominent populated places such as New York.


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