Tips for first-timers in Europe

Are you planning your very first holiday in Europe? It is likely that you already have some ideas and things you want to see. Nevertheless, if you have only been to Europe once (or maybe never), there are some things you might not know. If this catches your interest – keep reading – this article might help you out.


This article will take a look at many different things regarding tourist attractions, ways of travelling, and other great tips you can use. You will learn about some surprisingly important topics like Finnish gambling legislation and why they might matter to you. Let’s start, so you can continue with planning the perfect holiday in Europe.


Are you interested in gambling opportunities?

Europe has many fun gambling opportunities, but you should carefully consider one thing in particular – different countries have very different laws and legislations regarding gambling. If you are especially planning to gamble while travelling in Europe, you should keep this in mind.


There are some destinations and attractions that are well-known for their gambling opportunities. For example, Monaco in southern Europe is known as the ‘playground for rich people’. It has some of the most famous and glamorous casinos worldwide. 


Southern Europe has many other great opportunities for gambling. The most exciting thing about these destinations is that you can easily travel from one place to another – that is one of the main charms of the whole of Europe for global tourists. 

Take a train from one country to another

One of the most important tips is to consider taking advantage of different ways to travel between countries; for example, you can easily travel from one country to another by train. This can also be an enjoyable way to travel, even though it is, naturally, slower than flying.


In Europe, you can even plan your whole trip according to different train travel. Even many Europeans plan so-called interrail trips, which can take anything from a couple of weeks to a month or two. On these trips, you get to travel from one country to another by train, which can be a fun way to travel.


You can also plan one specific journey by train, and there are some very famous journeys that you can take in Europe – such as the Orient Express. These can be incredibly romantic and glamourous, whilst you also get to see gorgeous European scenery.

Ferries can be surprisingly affordable

If you are in the Northern part of Europe, taking a train might not be the easiest method. Countries such as Norway, Sweden, and Finland are a bit separated from the rest of Europe when it comes to the railway system.


This does not mean that you need to jump on a plane to travel to other places. These countries have great ferry lines from one country to another, and you will notice that you have many different options to choose from – you can pick anything from a faster ferry to a longer cruise.


All of these can be fun options if you do not want to fly – taking a ferry might even be surprisingly affordable compared to many other options. Ultimately, you get to travel by sea whilst also paying less – and what could be better than that? If you are planning to choose to travel by sea, you should just remember to pack some motion sickness medication – then you can ensure that you at least do not get seasick.

There are so much more than the most known destinations

Europe is full of gorgeous destinations, and all of them have many fantastic attractions. You should always keep this in mind when you are planning your trip. If you are travelling to a famous destination like Paris, there are some popular attractions you might want to see. Still, you should not forget about some lesser-known options – this way you will experience something else than just the most famous attractions.


However, be sure not to forget that all of the most famous places have the most tourists, which means that they have the longest queues. Therefore, it might be even nice to balance it out with some less famous attractions – then you won’t have time to stand in a queue.


Additionally, it is good to remember that Paris, Rome, and Barcelona are not the only cities worth visiting in Europe. There are plenty of stunning places to visit that can offer you a fantastic holiday. So do your research properly, so you can find a perfect place to visit. 

You can pretty much have any type of holiday in Europe

What is a perfect holiday depends completely on you. This is why you should keep in mind that Europe can offer everything. You can experience beautiful scenery and a very cold winter by travelling up north. The countries in Northern Europe also offer so much more than an unbelievable winter – the summers are simply stunning, and here you can experience amazing peace through nature.


On the other hand, you can have fun beach holidays in Southern Europe. You can even choose between a holiday that will be just relaxing on the beach and one that offers something else. Destinations like Barcelona combine an exciting city with a beach holiday, so you can certainly experience whatever you might want to.

Sometimes it could be best to visit just one country

Since Europe is far away, it is common to want to experience as many places as possible in one go. This is always a possibility, but it might not be the best one every time. Sometimes it is best to focus on just one country – especially if you are travelling for a shorter time (such as a week). Thus, staying in one city is probably the best solution. By doing so, you can ensure you get the most out of this destination. Most likely, you won’t still get to see and experience everything you want to – you will simply need to return to Europe again!

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