Trip to Montreal with children

Trip to Montreal with children is a tour with urban activities for those traveling as a family, to the cultural metropolis of Canada, with a lot of places to visit, options to eat, different means of transportation and where to sleep.

Montreal, believe it or not, has a design that facilitates a trip with children. It has fewer thematic attractions than in Paris and London, but it boasts a series of activities that the family will enjoy.
The parks where children can play with pleasure are super nice and extensive. There are also several museums that offer rooms and exclusive activities for the little ones.

montreal with childrens

What to do with children in Montreal

Montreal is a safe city and considered as an educational destination for children because most activities are focused on learning and knowledge.
On a trip to Montreal with children, you will find a good offer of places to go with family, both paid and free. Many of them have promotions or packages for families that you should take advantage of when purchasing tickets.

Parks to go with children

La Ronde

La Ronde is Montreal’s amusement park and an incredible place to enjoy as a family because of the great variety of attractions for all ages.
It is open in summer and part of autumn. At the end of the day in this place the kids will be exhausted and happy.

Jean Drapeau Park

It is a park with activities all year long. It is focused on visitors of all ages, especially to enjoy with children. We recommend you to have a picnic while your kids run and play, visit Doré beach, attend the Water Park during the summer in Montreal, the Stewart Museum and the snow festival that takes place in the month of January.

Museums to visit with children

Most museums in Montreal offer special packages for families that can be purchased online or on-site. If you have the opportunity to buy them online, the chances of queuing with the boys to enter will decrease.
If you do not have the opportunity to buy online, we recommend you reading the contents of the family ticket packages before arriving at the museum, that way you will save time in the purchase.

Montreal Science Center

This museum promotes curiosity in children, because they deal with science and technology in a very interactive way so that children discover their wonders. Inside the Science Center there is a coffee area so while the kids enjoy the rooms, the parents can eat and drink something there.
You and your kids could also enter a movie in the center’s IMAX room, which is an option for the whole family.

Montreal Science Center


It is an ideal museum for children, which has a space consisting of models of games inspired by different habitats of insects, is intended for children aged 1 to 12 years. In some rooms, children will be able to see the dissected species. It is open all year long.

Biodome of Montreal

This is the closest option to a zoo in Montreal, since the family can enjoy throughout the year the variety of animals of different species, all in ecosystems very close to nature.
The children will enjoy being very close to the animals and will learn about their natural life. Penguins are the most beloved attraction for the family.

Other activities with children

Visit to the Festival Square

In the Quartier des spectacles, to be exact in the Festival Square, festivals are held throughout the year, some of them with activities for children such as the Montreal festival in Lumière, where there are entertainment games for the whole family.
Also in summer, in the festival square there are small animated fountains that children enjoy to the fullest.

Walks in the Old Port

When it is not winter in Montreal, multi-position bicycles and pedaling boats are rented for family tours along the entire length of the port.
However, during the winter skating rinks open, and offer theme shows for a day for a unique experience. One of the most recommended is the track of the Bonsecours Terrace, right there you can rent skates.

Circus of the Sun (Cirque du Soleil)

The famous circus of Canadian origin mounts its tent once every year in the Old Port of the city of Montreal, being a great opportunity to visit with the family. The schedule of shows in Montreal is planned by its organizers on an annual basis, however, it is usually between spring and summer.

Visit a “Cabene à sucre”

A very typical tour of the region is the visit to a Cabene à sucre, which are cabins that are located in Quebec and in the countryside of Montreal usually from March to April. There, products are made from the maple tree as the “maple syrup”.

The children love the walks to the Cabene à sucre because they can play with snow while they enjoy maple syrup lollipops. This is all about going on a walk and enjoying as a family: the older ones can taste typical dishes and enjoy the snow.

Winter sports for children

In the Mont-Royal park and the Jean Drapeau there are snowboarding and skiing activities. There are assessors to suggest the best equipment according to the ages of the visitors, for the little ones for example there are the sledges that can be pulled by their parents. Everything you need to enjoy one of these sports is rented on site.

Accommodation in Montreal with children

When traveling with children, especially with the smallest ones, we look for certain amenities such as: large bathrooms, cribs, extra beds, elevators and easy access. All of them can be found without problem because the lodging options in Montreal are varied. You can find from a good hotel to a quite comfortable apartment.

In Montreal, there are many Bed & Breakfast options, which are not recommended for trips with small children, because they are inns thought for groups of young people.
For all the given situations, we recommend trying to locate accommodation near a subway station or a bus stop that facilitates mobility during the trip, especially if you go with small children.

Accommodation in apartments

When you travel as a family, the ideal thing is to stay in a spacious, comfortable apartment that gives you 24-hour access to the kitchen.

In Montreal you can find furnished apartments for all budgets.

It is important to check the access to the apartment, because some have stairs on the outside that are used to access your apartment, and it can turn out to be rather uncomfortable if you travel with cars, especially in the Plateau Mont-Royal neighborhood .

If you are interested in staying in this neighborhood, we recommend looking for options on the ground floor. In any case, it is important to discuss the issue of access when renting an apartment in Montreal.

Recommendations for transfers with children

The sidewalks are wide, there are ramps to cross the street, pedestrian traffic lights and pedestrians are respected; all these are positive points in a trip to Montreal with children.

The transportation system in Montreal is very good and with access facilities for people with children and cars.

In the case of the metro, there are 296 escalators distributed in most of the stations and in the busiest ones elevator service is provided, such as in:

– Montmorency.
– De la Concorde.
– Cartie.
– Jean Talon, easy access to Petite patrie.
– Berri-UQAM, easy access to Downtown, Quartier Latin and Quartier des spectacles.
– Champ-de-mars, easy access to Vieux-Montreal and Chinatown.- Lionel Groulx.- Cote- Vertu.

It is important to note that Peel and McGill stations in the green line, provide direct access to the same level of the underground city, so it is not necessary to use escalators or elevators.
Regarding buses, drivers lower the level of the bus at the height of the sidewalk to ease the entrance and exit of people with baby walkers and children.

Eating with children in Montreal

The options for eating in the city are varied, which help the selection when traveling as a family. Most restaurants offer menus and chairs for small children, as well as family bathrooms.
Like most cities in the world, there are also renown fast food franchises such as Burger King, Mc Donalds, Domino pizzas, Subway, Quiznos, among others, which are often preferred by the family mostly because of the budget issue.

Their services are standard throughout the world. On the other hand, if you stay in an apartment, you can take more care of the children’s food and make better use of the budget by shopping for food in the markets of the city. It will also allow you to prepare a snack kit for walks and can take all day until you arrive at the apartment in the afternoon to prepare dinner.

As children usually have a sweet tooth, the most recommended options for them are on the Mont-Royal avenue in the Plateau Mont-Royal district