Tower Clock

The Tower Clock or the clock tower is a building from 1922 that symbolizes the entrance to the Vieux Port of Montreal. It is part of a landscape that has been photographed by cameras of millions of tourists from many parts of the world.

It is a 45-meter-high tower created by the Montreal engineer Paul Leclaire to commemorate the Canadian sailors who died in the First World War. Of course, it also has the function of telling the time.

Tower Clock was built in England by the Gillett & Johnston Company, and its mechanism is similar to the one that drives the famous Big Ben in the Palace of Westminster. It is definitely the perfect place for people passionate about architecture and history.

Tower Clock

What to do in the Tower Clock

It opens usually in spring and summer. The Tower Clock can be visited by thousands of people who climb up to the top to see the Saint-Laurent River in all its shine.

However, the rest of the year it is always there to give the time to all visitors.

With the Jacques Cartier Bridge, the Saint-Laurent River and part of the Vieux-Port promenade as the background, the Montreal clock tower is a magnet for photographs.

Around the Tower Clock, there are several benches and the walk is extremely pleasant to enjoy with your family, alone or with your couple. There are some visitors who decide to have a picnic in the green areas. Another option is to enjoy the tower from the Horloge Beach, located very close to it.

In summer, many gather in the surroundings to admire the Fireworks exhibition, a part of the Montreal festivals.


The Tower Clock is there every day, however, it is during spring and summer that receive visitors and tourists so they can climb to its top.

The dates are timely published by the organization of the Vieux-Port of Montreal.

Rates: Free.

Location: The Tower Clock is located on the Quai de l’Horloge, originally called the Victoria Quay, in the Vieux-Port of Montreal.

How to get there By metro? Orange line, Champ de Mars station. At the exit, you should go towards the Vieux -Port de Montreal right behind the Bassin de Bonsecours.

Tower Clock2