Top 10 Restaurants In Montreal

Top Best Restaurants in Montreal

Montreal attracts tourist all the year around for its beautiful sightseeing places added with some great food. The winter carnival of the city is the most sort after festival in the month of February which is full of colors, good food, and of course the festivities. During your visit to city of saints, you will come across a lot of restaurants and eateries that bring you taste like none other. Here is the list of top 10 restaurants in Montreal.

Le Serpent The Italian treat from the Chef Michele Mercuri is backed by the heads of Club Chasse et Peche and Le Filet. Le Serpent is quite a welcome change to all those looking for Italian food specially the rotisserie, rabbit and lobster risotto.


Le vin Papillion – This one is a restaurant and a bar with a delight for all those who would like to wine and dine early. The bar opens at 3 pm and the food is a welcome break from the meat and flesh as this eatery is more inclined towards fresh herbs and vegetable platter. Those who do not want to try the veggies can go for the beef.


Tuck shop – It is a latest tech savvy restaurant that updates its menu on twitter every day. While this is one USP, that traveler or locals swear by this restaurant located in St. Henri. Value for money and great rustic meat, you can sit in and choose the best of the menu with the variation every day. You can also go for Grumman 78, on St. Henri’s for its architecture and ambience.


Le Bremmer – Looking for a place that has best reviews?? This restaurant always has an advance booking for its popular fish curries and dishes made with lobster poutine. A famous among locals, it is also the pick of the Canadian chefs like Rob Gentile of the Buca, and Grant van Gameran who is named behind Bar Isabel. You will always see this restaurant crowded during the weekend or peak hours. Do book a table in advance for best experience.


Park Restaurant – The Park is backed up by Chef Antonio Park, a well-known name in culinary and fine dining arena. He is the best-selling multiple course meal in Montreal. Do not miss the five or seven course omakese menu that is added with home-made sauces with the Korean touch. It is popular for the sashimi and sushi especially prepared with fish imported from Southern Japan. This is a must visit and you can check it out at 378, Victoria Avenue, Westmount, QC.


Nora Gray – Nora Gray is a restaurant offering an amazing collection of wine and unmatched Italian food in Montreal. The ambience is calming and quite comfortable and friendly. You can always have this on your list if you want to go to a nice get together with friends.


Impasto – Latest on the list of fine dining restaurants in Montreal, Impasto came as a venture from the television cookery show, “In the kitchen”. This is adding the new taste to the much-loved Italian cuisine in Montreal. While it does not have a big or broad dishes, it confines its guest to best of what it can offer. Do not miss the dessert, you will surely recommend it to your friends after your first visit.


MiasonPublique –The British pub with the best menu in the town, this one wins stars for the ambience, and the delicious oysters. It can be visited with friends. Be ready for the change in menu if you visited it more than few months back.


Satay Brother – While the name would suggest of some business or shop in the market, this one is a unique eatery in Montreal. Satay Brother offers satay, laksaLemak, pork belly, and steamed buns at pocket friendly prices. Do not go on the price, if you are on the roam, you can get the delicious flavor of the Atwater market from here.


Micro Resto La Famille – Known for its weekday brunch, lunch and exclusive natural wines, this restaurant is not a big eatery at Gilford but it’s a little restaurant that provides good food. It might be tough to get a table on weekend or any holiday, so it’s good to book in advance.