The most exciting things to do in Montreal

Things to do in Montreal

Invaluable culture and fascinating history, of great artistic value and exciting environment, Montreal expresses his philosophy “Joie de Vivre” at all times and in every place. The “joie de vivre” (joy of life)  of Montrealers is spread in the streets of downtown in the summer festivals, in the mixture of French and English, in the good food, the excellent music, the galleries and museums, churches and parks. Montreal is so exciting and dynamic that a guide is not enough to describe her charms.

Montreal is versatile city which captivates with any one of its many attractions.

exciting things to do in montreal

The Most Exciting Things To Do In Montreal

Montreal is not just one of Canada’s largest cities, but also a very attractive touristic destination for travelers all across the world. Practically, it represents a mixture of two different styles. You can admire the modernism and futuristic lifestyles of North America, as well as the old fashioned European charm. The big city has around half a millennium of history and is one of the few places on Earth that can provide such a huge contrast. But what can you do in there? What are the most exciting things to do in Montreal? Just like any other large city out there, it has plenty of interesting attractions.

Exploring Old Montreal

It is a beautiful European style district  which is the historic center of the city, full of cultural sites, museums, boutiques, cafes and restaurants.

Most tourists focus on Old Montreal because it has a handful of attractions that date for centuries. Most importantly, travelers should never miss Notre-Dame Basilica and Place Jacques Cartier. The Saint-Paul Street is not to be ignored either, especially since it brings in an old and stylish atmosphere. Finally, once you are done visiting these attractions, relaxing for a few minutes in the Bonsecours Market is a perfect idea.

Old Montreal is close to downtown, so most people end up visiting the Saint-Denis Street and the Sainte-Catherine Street too. The first one provides access to plenty of restaurants. It makes no difference if you want to try a specific cuisine or just something traditional. There is something for everyone out there, including fast foods. The second street is better known for hosting a huge shopping area. Whether you are looking for some souvenirs, a few fashion elements or some nice pieces of jewelry, this is the right place to do it.

As for a few other touristic attractions, visiting the Olympic Stadium and the Botanical Gardens is one of the best things to do in Montreal. The Olympic Stadium hosts the tallest tower in the world. On the other hand, if you love photography and would like to admire Montreal from the skies, the Mont-Royal Belvedere is the perfect place. It overlooks the whole area, including the nearby mountains.

Night life in Montreal

Quartier Des Spectacles is the nightlife district. There are plenty of options for your entertainment, whether it comes to opera, stand up comedy, concerts, clubs, bars or theater. At the same time, the local festival seasons bring in a lot of outdoor activities and concerts as well. If you are lucky enough to travel during such a festival, this district is your best bet for some fun. Getting there is simply one of the most enticing things to do in Montreal. Whether you are looking for a calm night outdoors or the crazy atmosphere from a club, this district has them all.

Food in Montreal

There are hundreds of restaurants in Montreal and just like anyone has unique preferences, it might be hard to decide on the best one. Normally, you should try out more different cuisines. Located on the Saint-Paul Street, Usine a spaghetti brings in an exquisite decor and plenty of history too.

After all, this was one of Charles Dickens’s favorite places. On the other hand, if your budget is limited, you might give La Banquise a shot too. It makes no difference if you get there for a quick breakfast or a long dinner. Finally, if you cannot live without a dessert, Le pied de cochon is the best recommendation. The desserts those chefs prepare are impossible to describe in words.

In the end, there are countless places that may positively enrich your experience in Montreal, but it normally depends on what you actually like.

exciting things to do in montreal2

Drinks in Montreal

There are plenty of elegant or funky places in Montreal to enjoy a drink, regardless of what you like. If you are just about to start a day and you need a tasty and strong coffee, make sure that you reach to Tim Hortons. Every citizen or tourist can agree that this is one of the best coffees in the area. However, if you are up for a beer in the evening, Amere a boire is the right place. It is located on the Saint-Denis Street and serves all kinds of beers, whether you want something local or an international variety. The atmosphere is young and friendly too.

Finally, girls will love Candi Bar on the Mont-Royal Avenue. The drinks are girlish and sweet, while the decor leaves no room for mistakes. It is carefully designed in the smallest quirky details, so getting there is one of the first things to do in Montreal.