Skiing near Montreal – Ski Mont Tremblant

Montreal is a city with places for skiing very close to enjoy during your trip to the city. One of the most famous places to slide down the mountains is the Mont Tremblant ski station.
Here we show you the infallible tips to plan a few days of skiing in this city of Québec.

Skiing near Montreal - Ski Mont Tremblant

What to do in Mont Tremblant?

This area of Quebec has a good extension of ski slopes to enjoy during the Canadian winter. Located at 1hour and 45minutes from Montreal, it is a place to do all kinds of sport in the snow.
The landscapes are composed of white forests, mountains with different heights, lakes, trails and a very colorful city.

In addition to the ski tracks, you have the small downtown of Mont Tremblant with a beautiful European style, several restaurants and shops. It is great to walk and take photos. You also have at a few steps, the Mont Tremblant Casino.

Among the most popular activities to do in the Tremblant Mont and you can select among a the visit to the Scandinave spa , the trekking routes of the Mont Tremblant park and the upper lake.

Mont Tremblant ski slopes

The area has 96 slopes, distributed according to Mont Tremblant tourism in:

– 22 easy slopes
– 32 difficult slopes
– 47 very difficult and extreme

Thousands of visitors gather on these slopes to do have a great time together while practicing some snow sports such as:

– Snowboarding
– Ski
– Launch on slides with sled or floats.
– Skating
– Hiking
– Zipping line
– Snowmobile rides.

To access the slopes there are different ways: from downtown of Mont Tremblant, the most popular one is the cable car located in the center of the village. These access points you will see them as “remontées” because of its in French.

Another popular spot with tracks is the Domain Saint- Bernard.

Classes for skiing, snowboarding and more

You can find tickets from one full day until the weekend to go skiing regardless of your level of expertise.

You always have the option of renting all ski equipment, so it is not a hinder not having them. These implements are usually: skis or snowboard, poles, boots and helmet.

Skiing near Montreal

The instructors are very professional and the paying for the service is worth it for the in safety and fun. The speak are English and French.

If it is your first time, we recommend starting with cross-country skiing, a simple activity that allows you to familiarize yourself with skis. It consists of practically slipping on non-difficult surfaces.

Another activity is winter climbing, you can also find instructors and hire the necessary equipment in the place under excellent security levels.
A family activity could be the sled pulled by dogs. It is very popular in Mont Tremblant.

The instructors will give you their recommendations about the slopes according to the weather conditions of the day. Ideally, you should book at least 48 hours in advance online so you do not waste time on your visit