Pointe-à-Callière Museum

The pointe a calliere museum is an impressive and attractive place for tourists due to its location in the Vieux Montreal. A Proof of this is the 350,000 visitors per year it boasts.

It is also known as the museum of archeology and natural history and as a place where part of the history of the city occurred because it was exactly the site where Montreal was founded.

Since its inception, the pointe a calliere museum has been awarded 80 prestigious national and international awards, within the guild of museums, tourism, archeology, and architecture.

Pointe-à-Callière Museum

What to see in the Pointe-à-Callière Museum?

This archeology museum offers several permanent and temporary exhibitions, as well as numerous educational activities.

Among the permanent displays are: multimedia show, “Ici naquit Montréal” with archaeological sense, Pirates or corsairs? an archaeo-adventure and the pumping station D’Youville.

There are temporary exhibitions that have been very famous, such as “After the track of Agatha Christie” and “Les Aztèques, peuple du Soleil” with the history of the Aztecs.

Inside the museum, there is the restaurant L’Arrivage, where you can enjoy the good gastronomy of Montreal.

The building on the outside is a photographic show and the place where it is located allows you to take good photos to remember.