The Old Montreal

Exploring Unique & Main Attractions In The Old Montreal

Once a massive and hard to defeat fortress, Old Montreal is now one of the most attractive destinations in North America. The old center is rich in traditional buildings renovated by the latest standards, hotels, boutiques, stores, restaurants, clubs and plenty of different attractions. Most of them underline the atmosphere from the 18-th century, which is simply unique in North America. At the same time, the area represents the most vibrant part of Montreal. The good news is that once you are there, most of the attractions are a walking distance away from all hotels.

Whether you are interested in a rich nightlife, archaeological artifacts or exquisite shopping centers, there is something for everyone out there. So what are the most impressive touristic attractions to visit in Old Montreal? What are the things that should never miss from your itinerary?

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Mont Royal Summit

For locals and citizens, Mont Royal represents a good orientation landmark. For tourists, it becomes a natural oasis of silence and beautiful landscapes. Mont Royal is a natural landmark and draws the attention through the unique views over the city. It is rich in statues and gardens, with the Mont Royal Cross being the most significant one.

There are several ways to get in this naturally preserved place of Old Montreal. It depends on where you are located. You can take the bus, drive or get a bike there. The place has been designed by Frederick Law Olmsted, a world renowned architect who has also taken care of the Central Park (New York City). Once in there, it is worth noting that the access to the park is free. It is great to relax on a bench, enjoy a local lake, take your kids to a few playgrounds or just admire the city from above. This is one of the few beautiful places in Old Montreal that do not require paying a fee to be visited.

Montreal Museum Of Fine Arts

Whether you love cultural attractions or you have no clue about popular sculptors or painters, the Montreal Museum Of Fine Arts should definitely not be skipped from your trip. It brings in more than 35,000 collection pieces coming from both local and international photographers, painters or sculptors. Moreover, you can admire thousands of decorative art pieces dating from various times of the history. The grandeur of this museum can easily impress anyone.

Just like for the Mont Royal Summit, the admission to the permanent collection of this museum is free. However, if you end up running into a special exhibition, you will have to pay a particular fee. It depends on what kind of exhibition you want to admire.

Montreal Biodome

The Montreal Biodome is not just an exquisite museum in Montreal, but a unique environment in the entire world. Practically, it recreates four different ecosystems. You can admire the sub-polar areas, tropical rainforests, the St. Lawrence gulf and the Laurentian maple forest. The museum is huge and split into four different areas. Each of them provides the unique wildlife and vegetation of the respective ecosystem. Of course, most of these things are mimicked, but they can still ensure the experience of a lifetime. As if all these were not enough, every area perfectly imitates the weather conditions as well. In the end, such an experience is extremely authentic.

Montreal Casino

Although Old Montreal looks a little old fashioned and medieval, the Montreal Casino is one of those buildings that stand up in the crowd and make the difference. It is one of the most diversified architectural designs because it provides a modernist and contemporary appearance. With all these, the casino has been established in two different pavilions from the Montreal Expo in 1967. It hosts not less than three different buildings and six floors. There is simply no larger casino in Canada. Moreover, it is one of the top ten largest casinos in the world too.

If you tend to spend time in casinos, you will be surprised by the internal atmosphere. Unlike other similar places, this one is covered in windows. Other than that, it is worth noting that you can gamble whenever you feel like. The casino is open round the clock, but you have to be at least 18 years old in order to get in there.