The Notre-Dame Basilica of Montreal

The Notre-Dame Basilica – A Gem Of Quebec’s Religious Heritage

The Notre-Dame Basilica is an important part of the religious heritage of the city of Montreal. Located in the historically significant city of Old Montreal in Canada, this basilica is beautifully designed in Gothic Revival style boasting incredible craftsmanship and amazing creativity. The fine interiors that are inspired by Sainte-Chapelle located in Paris and the religious art works make this place one of the most astonishing places in the world. It is its amazing architecture that demands a great deal of attention and should be preserved carefully.

The Notre-Dame Basilica – A Gem Of Quebec’s Religious Heritage

The basilica is beautifully designed in a stunning combination of gold and blue. The ceiling is designed in deep blue with golden stars embedded in it. Rest of the basilica is designed in a multitude of colors including red, azures, blue, silver, purple and gold. The hall is beautifully decorated with religious statues and complex wooden carvings. This hall is also available on rent for several ceremonies and occasions.

Notre-Dame Basilica is considered as an ideal place for everlasting events like marriages, concerts, choirs, baptism, funerals, confession, religious events and much more. Most of the people prefer renting this place for their marriage because of its astonishing beauty, glorious architecture and incredible acoustics. Before looking forward to hire it for your special event, you should know that the basilica can accommodate up to 2700 people, if you are hiring this place for a wedding, you should know that it is mostly available on Saturdays. You should be ready to meet the priest and follow the steps as directed in order to get married in this historical place.

Apart from marriages, this place is usually hired for choirs and musical concerts that generally require a huge place so that a good number of people can enjoy it. Symphony orchestras and renowned choirs are generally organized in the basilica. The basilica facilities also provide a huge screen and technical support to the performing team on demand.

There are several other events like university commencements, presentation ceremonies, receptions, official meetings etc. that can be organized in the hall. However, it is the organizer who will have to select between the several halls available that include the Parish Hall, Notre-Dame hall, The Basilica and the Notre-Dame du Sacré-Cœur. All of these halls are known for their amazing architecture and beauty but differ in their spacing. You can select one as per your requirements.

The authorities of the Basilica provide the necessary customer support services to the people so that they collect all the required information regarding the halls and book the desired one in advance.

Notre-Dame Basilica