La grande roue de Montreal is the most recent attraction of 2017, known in Spanish as la rueda de Montreal. Located in the most touristic area in the city, the Grande Roue de Montreal became the aim of cameras since it won the award for the largest wheel in Canada.

It was built under high standards of quality and safety that provide peace of mind to its visitors.


What to do in the great Roue de Montreal?

The main attraction is the view you will have of the city from about 60 meters high. The experience begins before arriving because its grandeur adorns the Vieux-Port so it is certainly not hidden at all.

You only have to go through the Bassin of Bonsecours to reach the entrance to the wheel. The large roue de Montreal has 42 cabins for eight (08) people each with acclimatization.

One of its particularities is the clearness of its windows that allows a 360-degree view, regardless of the times of the year thanks to the technology of the glasses anti UV rays; and you will also be protected inside the cabins during your experience.

Right in front of the wheel, you will discover the skating rink of Vieux-Port, one of the most visited attractions during the winter of the city.

The ride lasts for approximately 15 minutes. Some of the places you can see from the top of the Grande Roue de Montreal are:

– Jacques Cartier Bridge

– Mont Royal Park

– Vieux-Montreal

– Jean Drapeau Park

– The Biosphere