Free things to do in Montreal

Travelling is an amazing way to discover different cultures, meet new people and find special places that you had never imagined before but,is not always accessible to all kind of wallets, the transport, the accommodation and every meal you are going to have already occupy a large portion of our trip’s budget so, if you also have to pay for all the extra activities to do in your holidays destination you need to save a lot of money previously. Also not everyone have the same salary but want to have fun and enjoy themselves as everybody does, that is why each city offers some free activities all over the year so everyone can join in the fun. Is for that, we are writing to you about free thinsg to do in Montreal City.

That is what are going to present here about the city of Montreal, all the free activities we can do being there and all the attractive that this lovely city can show us without needing to pay expensive fees.

free things to do in montreal

Montreal is located in Quebec’s province, in Canada. Because of it’s situation has a humid continental climate, that is why the winter is so cold, the snow there is very normal, and in the summer they have moderate temperatures. It has a special beauty because the city has been built, and is still growing, in a big island of Saint Lorenzo’s river. Montreal is a large place because of it’s development in industry, commerce and technology. Culture sector is also very strong, the city is very interested in show its history and way of life for this reason, we’re going to start our guide of free things to do in Montreal by this sector.

You can visit for free some art museums that are very interesting like: Montreal museum of fine arts and the contemporary art one, both closed on mondays. We can go to the Centre du Design too or, on thursday nights to the Centre Canadien d’Architecture. If you visit the city on may, you can wait and visit for free all the museums the last sunday of this month, it is a special offer that gives the Town Hall to promote culture.

Anothers free things to do in Montreal…

Another interesting activity we can do for free in Montreal is sightseeing in a special way, I mean that there are some self-guided walking tours around the city, you can choose between five options that will show you different ways to discover the city and different places in there so, in fact, you can try to do all of them if you are going to be few days in. The routes are specified online so you can print the guide and a map to follow it correctly.

Montreal has fame all over the world because its festivals, there are three that are very important and interesting: the Montreal High Lights festival, is celebrated at the end of february; Montreal Just for Laughs festival on july; and,Montreal International Jazz festival that starts at the end of june. These festival have special free sessions and actuations so, if you can choose when visiting the city and you like some of those festival you will have more free activities to do than the rest of the year.

If you like nature and doing exercise you are going to love this option. Montreal has its own treasure, Mont Royal, a lovely mountain that gives you many options and most of all free. You can choose to do an excursion on foot, it is about walking around 6 or 7 Km so you can discover a great panoramic view of the city when you will be at the top; you can visit the Smith House, a Heritage house where you can learn a lot about the mountain and its environment. On there you can also go to the Beaver lake, there are many activities to do and you can ice skating on winter. Another little tour you should ask for to do it there is Bird feeder Circuit, this brings a big visitor component at Mount Royal every season. If you like open air activities and music, going to Mont Royal on sundays it is the perfect option, you will find there a Tam Tam exhibition around the Sir George-Étienne Cartier’s monument.

Going back to the city centre you can visit another Montreal attractive, its Public Markets. The most famous are Jean Talon Market, Maisonneuve and Atwater Market. In addition to visiting a traditional place with lot of charm, you will be able to taste small samples of Montreal’s gastronomy for free.
There are two more visits you can go free and you will learn a lot, the first is at the City Hallthat offers you a 45 minut-guided tour around it, and the Banque du Montreal, it is an interesting building and it has a banking museum that you can visit without paying anything.

montreal things

Another plan for sundays, if you like to sign, is going at 11 in the morning at Notre Dame Basilica, the High Mass is something beautiful to be a part of even if you are not Christian. You are going to enjoy a lot with the music show with a choir of 25 voices and the Casavan pipe organ. In addition you can see the Basilica inside, a magnificent building that has been built between 1824 and 1829.

Following this kind of artistic activities, you can learn to dance for free in Montreal too, on Jean Drapeau Park every wednesday, saturday and sunday night in summer there are free lessons with dance instructors and people who want to enjoy themselves and learn something new.

But do not think that winter have to be boring there, maybe you can not learn to dance but you have many options to go skating around the city and it is also free. There are many parks in Montreal where you can have fun with friends and family learning how not to fall down on the ice or practising many flips and jumps.

Finally, there are other many options to do for free in Montreal but these are the most popular and recommendable you can do, because not always it is so expensive to have fun and discover new places and sensations.