Find the best food of Montreal

Are you Missing on Flavour? – Find The best Food Of Montreal 

Montreal is most talked about its great food, the right mix of the different variety in Canada as well as the local dishes that have made international headlines in the food industry. From fine dining restaurants, to eateries and local joints spread across offering multiple cuisines, you must not visit the best and distinct food of Montreal.

best food of Montreal

Montreal special

The Canadian national dish has gone to the popularly called dish named as Poutine. This recent tag to the dish has not only made it popular among visitors but also locals. Poutine is a fast staple food and not only was a loved dish among Montreal residence but it was loved internationally as well and therefore received the tag of the first dish of Canada.

The next may take your brain oops mind away. So, here we are talking about another food which is exclusive to Montreal. One of them is Le Brain. If you wondering, “brain”, well, yes, Montreal culinary secret can be the least used item. The offal food club backed up the culinary venture of John Mike and Patrice Plante can serve you the brain. Be it a Cajun style grasshopper or the brain, you get what you ask for in Montreal.


Secondly, do not miss the smoked meat when you are in Canada. The smoke kissed, sweet-salty sandwich topped with dozen plus slices and made typically Canadian way, can leave you asking for more. Beef or pastrami is very much available, smoked meat is a local delicacy and much overrated according to the locals. If you a traveler do not miss this treat.

Another Montreal exclusive is the maple syrup. Well, no wonder why it is so popular, you can find maple products all over Canada especially in Montreal. Do grab some and you will love it.

Food from the Parts of the world

Montreal has a lot of restaurants that have their specialty or offer international cuisine for their guests. Montreal also has some of the food items which are not produced in Montreal.

One of them is Dragon Beard candy. This is a food available in Hong Kong but Montreal also sells this ancient sweet. This is quite an art and therefore is one of the preserved candies making art of Johnny Chin, a Canadian living in Montreal.

The next one on the list is Beaver tails. The Beaver tails was invented and originated in Ottawa and while this was being sold in a pastry chain, it was so much highlighted, that Beaver tails has now more food chains in French states than in Canada. But if you are in Montreal, you can get hold of the delicious beavertails after every few miles.

Izakayas is another latest addition to what you call special in Montreal. Izakayas came up with the Japanese style pubs which are one of the style trends in New York and San Francisco since 2010.

Although, Montreal has lot of Pubs offering good food and drinks, they have not been seen calling themselves as Izakaya. But now, with the emergence, you may look for Izakaya in Montreal.

What can you enjoy best in Montreal?

best food of Montreal2

If you have been thinking about eating and partying till late, you have a lot of options. The late night menu in Montreal pubs or local joints is very accessible. You can always drop down with your friends to the local cost-effective eatery which has amazing variety of food. You can grab the steaks, lobsters, salmon tartare, and the smoked meat. Montreal’s high-end restaurants also offer special late-night menus from 9 PM or 10 PM till wee hours for the young and party goers.

From the top restaurants to the local food truck, Montreal has the best eating options for those looking for cheap yet tasty street food. Since, the ban from the food trucks lifted in 2013, you may find a lot of food vans or trucks selling hot fast food to fill your stomach quick. This one is a great time saver and filling-up-tummy strategy in Montreal, when you are on the go.

Apart, from these Montreal special food items, you can also get the best of the international cuisine at various eateries across the city. Tingle your taste buds with the best of Montreal delicacies during your trip.