Exciting Things To Do In Summer In Montreal

Holidays serve as the best time to take a break from the hectic life and enjoy some cherishing moments with the family and friends. If you are planning a holiday trip with your family in summer, you might be surely looking for a place that offers innumerable delights in several aspects. The most important thing to be looked upon when selecting a holiday destination in summer is its climate. There are many places that have burning summers and chilling winters. So, a place with a warm climate during summer when you can roam about can be a perfect place for you. One such place that is full of entertaining wonders and also possesses an ideal summer temperature is Montreal. This city holds the honor of being the capital city of Quebec and is known for its amazing architecture, rich culture and vibrant and rejuvenating festivals.

This article talks about some great things that you can do during your trip to Montreal in summers.

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For the summer in Montreal, you need to know about these places

Become a part of the festivals

Montreal is known for its exciting festivals that are though celebrated all round the year, the maximum of them are held in summers. Most of these festivals include paid and free concerts, film screening, art shows and much more. This summer you can have fun by becoming a part of the Just for Laughs festivals which is organized in the month of July. This show basically deals with entertaining the children with non-stop entertainment that is provided with the help of puppet shows, treasure hunts, and clown workshops. Several others festivals that are the charm and attraction of Montreal include The Fierté Montréal Pride which is held from 13-19 August, Osheaga music & arts festival which dates from 3-5 August, Montreal World Film Festival that is organized mostly from 23 August to 3 September and many more.

Mount Royal Park

Though there are several parks in Montreal, the Mount Royal Park has a great significance as it is the name from which the place derives its name. This place is one of the hot spot destinations in Montreal and should not be missed during the trip. The park boasts a huge playground, paddle boating, woodland trails, amazing downtown views and nature watching. This place is easily accessible and can be a perfect place to enjoy a picnic with your family and kids.

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Quays of the Old Port

Old Montreal has so much to offer to the guests. One such area that can be visited by the tourists is the Quays. This place is famous among both the visitors and the locals. People of all ages can have fun here. The Quays area comprises of the Montreal Science center, quadricycle rental, Pointe a Calliere Museum, etc. with fun activities like bike riding and pedal boating. The kids can not only have fun by boating but they can also learn some amazing science principles in the museum.

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A visit to a zoo

There are two zoos located near Montreal. These are the Parc Safari and the Grany Zoo. Both of these parks are the destinations to ultimate fun and you can also enjoy viewing the animals from different species. The Grany zoo is designed in a rational style while the Parc Safari is based on a safari theme and allows you to explore the zoo in a car. The safari will prove to be a thrilling experience and provide you an opportunity to observe the activities of animals in their natural habitat. If you wish, you can also enjoy exploring the park on an elephant. There is also an aquatic park where you can enjoy the slides.
Jean Drapeau Park

Another fun-filled hot spot in Montreal that offers unexpected fun and entertainment is the Jean Drapeau Park which is located at the St. Lawrence River. There is an amusement park, la Ronde which comprises of several roller coasters, a museum named as Stewart Museum that dates back to the 19th century, a beach that is located on the Notre Dame, playgrounds, swimming pools and beautiful gardens that provide lots of fun to the visitors.

Montreal is one of the liveliest places with scope for numerous fun-filled activities and places worth visiting. A trip to this place in summers will prove to be rewarding for you.