Climate in Montreal

Although many fear the climate in Montreal, one of its positive sides is having the chance to enjoy four different landscapes of the same city during each season of the year. It looks like four different cities.

Speaking of the weather in Montreal has often been taboo; however, the city is continually preparing to offer its visitors a variety of activities to do regardless of the temperature.

The weather in Montreal

The climate in Montreal is continental, characterized by the great differences between winter and summer.

During winter, the wind is a very determining in making the temperature to feel lower. Summer is the wettest and hottest season of the year.

Spring and autumn are generally cold, although sudden changes in temperature can occur.

When does autumn start in Montreal?


Fall in Montreal usually occurs between September and November. It is a very beautiful season of the year since the parks of the city are dressed in yellow, orange and red tones, in addition to the huge carpet made up by a lot of leaves on the floor.

The weather in Montreal during the fall is usually cool but it changes continually until it becomes cold. In general, the temperature ranges from 15ºC to 2ºC.

If you visit the city at this time of the year, you should wear warm clothing (such as wool or polyester), jackets and sweaters.

Activities during the fall

1. During the fall, it is the best time to visit the Botanical Garden of Montreal because it is when the exhibition Jardins en lumière takes place, in which the show of lights in the gardens is simply spectacular.

2. Visit the Mont-Royal Park and its autumnal colors will be an exceptional memory.

3. Some film festivals take place from the Quartier des spectacles neighborhood.

When does winter start in Montreal?


The winter is usually from December to February, but it can be extended until March, being January the coldest month.

The climate in Montreal during the winter can be on average with temperatures below zero, usually between -2ºC to -20ºC.

It is important to note that extreme temperatures don’t last for long.

For those travelers from warm climate countries, this is an exciting season due to the presence of snow, so proper clothing is essential:

• Snow boots

• Warming jacket

• Accessories for the head and ears, such as hats or earmuffs.

• Gloves.

• Scarves

• Warm clothing, made of wool.

The Montreal metro, as well as buses, work perfectly, and it is the ideal means of transport to get around.

Activities during the winter

• The Montréal festival in lumière

• The skating rinks: one of the funniest shows is on the Bonsecours de Vieux-Port terraces.

• Visit the underground city to enjoy its shops and dining options.

• The Christmas atmosphere is unique in the Sainte-Catherine Avenue in downtown.

• Winter sports activities from the Mont-Royal Park.

• Activities during Christmas and New Year.

When does spring start in Montreal?

Climate in Montreal

It is the shortest season of the year, characterized by the mixture of melted snow and the first flowers, usually between March and May.

The weather in Montreal during spring turns very fresh so it is recommended to wear sweaters and warm clothes; the temperatures fluctuate between 2ºC and º15ºC.

Rains often occur so an umbrella is vital.

Activities during the spring

• Go to Montreal Planetarium.

• Bike around the city. It is very enjoyable.

• Spend a day at the museums in Montreal, with free access to several of them.

• Taste the gastronomy of the city.

When does summer start in Montreal?


The climate in Montreal during the summer becomes hot with an average temperature of 26ºC and days are full of sun, and that is why it is recommended to wear light clothing, hats, and sunscreen.

Montreal dresses in green in its maximum glory, which is enjoyed in all neighborhoods of the city.

Summer usually arrives from June to August, with July being the hottest month.

Sometimes the summers can be humid, but it is not very regular to happen.

Activities during the summer

• Go to the beach of the l’Horloge tower in the Vieux-Port or the Jean Drapeau park beach.

• Montreal Grand Prix.

• Festivals in the Quartier des spectacles.

• Enjoy the local gastronomy at the terraces of the Quartier Latin, Village, and the Plateau Mont-Royal.