Canal Lachine

The Lachine Canal is a network of water channels about 14 kilometers long that was formerly used by ships that avoided the Lachine rapids. The canal was also used to feed the Montreal mills with water. Undoubtedly, the channel was key in the development of the city we know today.

It was opened in 1825 and, between 1843 and 1873, works were carried out to extend its length. In 1970 it closed its doors to navigation.

Today the Lachine Canal is one of the most important tourist attractions to see in Montreal. It is also considered historical heritage of Canada.

Canal Lachine

What to do in the Lachine Canal

Throughout the Lachine Canal, there is a cycle track called, by Time magazine in 2009, as one of the most beautiful urban circuits in the world.

This same cycle track was considered one of the most beautiful in the world in a survey conducted in 2014 by Vélib, the public bike system in Paris.

But the Lachine Canal is not only for cyclists, pedestrians also tend to take long walks on the edge of the canal, especially on sunny weekends.

As of 2002, recreational navigation on the canal is allowed, so during the summer, locals and tourists take the canal to take a row in small boats that can be rented on the site.

Whether by bicycle, on foot or by boat; during the tour, you can see, in some sections, a mixture of nature, old factories and new condo that frame the edge of the canal.

Due to the proximity of the Atwater Market, the large green spaces of the canal are the favorite place for picnicking by family or couples.

There is nothing better than going to Atwater Market early in the morning, buying a delicious meal and tasting it sitting on the edge of the canal.


Free access to the pedestrian and bicycle tracks of the canal.

The cost of boat rental varies between CAD 10 and CAD 150.


The Lachine Canal is open every day from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m.

The boats are rented at the following times:

In spring: from Monday to Friday from 12am to 7:30 pm and Saturdays and Sundays from 9am to 7:30 pm.

In summer: from Monday to Friday from 12am to 9pm and Saturdays and Sundays from 9am to 9pm.


South-west of the island of Montreal.

How to get there

Canal Lachine2

As the channel has a great length, there are several ways to get there:

By subway to the stations:

Square-Victoria (orange line)

Lionel-Groulx (green / orange line).

Charlevoix (green line).

In bus:

  • 195 west direction.
  • 61 south direction.
  • 107 south direction.
  • 78 west direction.
  • 57

Nearby places

– Atwater Market.

– Old dock.